Smartsign Display Manager – the only software you need for digital signage

The Smartsign Display Manager suite is a completely packaged product used by companies and organisations all over the world. As a fully integrated, business-driven Digital Signage solution, the Smartsign Display Manager in close partnership with some of the worlds’ largest hardware suppliers Samsung, LG, NEC, Panasonic and Philips compose a true chameleon platform. Ready to undertake any type of Digital Signage duty.

Smartsign Display Manager

Investing in a cutting edge Digital Signage solution is a big step, but the reward can be substantial. Digital Signage can extend your reach, strengthen your brand and allowing you to venture new and yet unexploited sales paths.

Smartsign puts you in control of delivering your message exactly the way you want it to be delivered. It’s the quick, easy, hassle free and future proof way of getting your message through.

Smartsign is the leading Digital Signage software for creating, managing and publishing content for internal and external communication.
On any platform, on any device.

With thousands of Smartsign based applications running all over the world 24/7, the versatile system has yet to encounter a Digital Signage assignment it can’t manage. Applications range from retail to restaurants, from heavy industry to municipalities, hospitals, hotels and much more. Ready made out of the box setups or complex, tailor made solutions – Smartsign supports it all.

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