Integration with
external systems

Smartsign can easily integrate with various external systems and data sources, ensuring that your digital signage solution is tailored to your needs by automatically updating content.

Information in real-time

Keep your audience engaged and informed in real-time. When integrating Smartsign with other external systems, you get the most out of your digital signage solution. Want to show your Instagram feed? Just use the ready made template and display your latest posts or customer testimonials. Give us a call and we will find the best solution for you.






Teams Channel


Power BI



Bring your data to life

Communicate relevant and interesting information at the right time, whether it's informing your employees about the latest news or reminding them to sign up for the next great event - all while looking integrated into your corporate identity. You can auto-update your content feed directly to your screen from the source of your choice, ensuring that your displays are always current and engaging.

01_interactive-teams 02_interactive-powerbi 03_interactive-your-data 04_interactive-news 05_interactive-meetings 06_interactive-sharepoint
  • Teams channel

    Connect your Microsoft account and display primary messages from your Teams Channel chat

  • Power BI

    Smartsigns snapshots make it easy to publish data from Power BI

  • Your data

    Integrate with your data source via our SmartWebTool and Snapshot, using JSON or XML. Contact us to ensure compatibility.

  • RSS feeds

    Use RSS to show formatted newsfeeds designed to suit your business, with thousands of RSS sources available.

  • Calendar

    Show important events, gym classes or other information in pre-formatted designs

  • Sharepoint

    Connect Sharepoint and get automatic syncing and publishing of your content

These are just a few examples of what you can integrate with Smartsign. Explore more below.

Integrate your everyday tools

Social media


Display the feed from your Instagram account on your screens. Only possible in our cloud service.


Display the latest posts and likes with the ready made template - or design your own!

Power BI

Easy to publish data from Business intelligence systems.

Teams Channel Chat

Display primary messages from your Teams Channel chat.

Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF

Smartsign sync let you import a wide variety of files for automated updates of your screen content.


Smartsigns URL-wizard makes it easy to publish web pages on your screens.


Schedules from booking systems, for gyms and other establishments

Momentum Energy Dashboards

Smartsign is perfect for displaying Energy dashboards from systems like Momentum.

RSS Feeds

RSS can provide a simple way to retrieve many different kinds of data, like general news or info from intranets.

General Json Data

Smartsigns Template Creator has built in support for Json datasources in general.

General XML data

Smartsigns Template Creator has built in support for XML datasources in general.


Trafiklab provides Public transport info, easily displayed in a smartsign template.


Producion data from different datasources.

Weather Forecasts

Publish weekly weather forecasts for your location. With customiseable appearance to suit your screens.


IFTTT is one of the services that can be used to contol the content on your smartsign screens with webhooks.


Interbook Go is a popular sysytem for venue bookings.

You can also display your content from folders with images, PDF’s, PowerPoint presentations, PNG and many other formats.

Adapted to your industry

The possibilities with Smartsign and digital signage is almost endless. Discover how to applicate signage to your industry.


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Get employees to act on your most important messages. With digital screens and Smartsign, you’ll have a powerful platform to convey your company’s key messages.


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Get the best out of your digital signage solution by allowing our dedicated team to help you with everything from screen setup to customised template design.

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