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Reach patients, relatives and healthcare professionals with the same accuracy

Communication has long been among healthcare’s many challenges, though it is now being addressed by various telephone services. But inside large hospitals, there are still challenges to be solved when it comes to communicating with patients, relatives and healthcare staff. And these three groups have very different information needs. This is where digital screens and Smartsign can play an important role, especially in situations where internal and external communication must be combined on the same screen.

Anyone who’s never worked in a large hospital will probably find it difficult to locate the right department, the right room and the right person. Digital screens with smart interfaces for orientation make life easier for everyone: They help visitors trying to find a loved one, and free up staff from having to act as signposts.

For healthcare professionals who spend most of their workday away from their computers, digital screens with Smartsign can be an easy way to access the information they need to do a good job. And hospital IT departments can look forward to a smoother workday thanks to the easy integration with Microsoft-compatible systems.

Reach patients, relatives and healthcare professionals with the same accuracy.

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The power of Digital Signage


Schedule the content on the screens to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.


Smartsign Display Manager has a user-friendly interface that suits everyone.

Unlimited users

At Smartsign, you pay per screen and not per user.

Sync your files

Tired of learning new systems? Sync a local folder to publish your content.

Flexible layouts

Smartsign gives you the freedom to design your screens so they look exactly as you wish.

Touch solutions

Create simple touch and trigger solutions using Smartsign.

Including everyone

No access to computer or mobile is needed when you use locally based communication.

Existing material

Book your screens with already made material, such as images, movies, and text.

Communicate in crisis

Override all other on-screen communications with our emergency bookings.

Maintenance in progress

Inform and flag for upcoming or current maintenance and disruptions.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API.

Safe visits

Visible information creates safe visits for your patients and their relatives.

Safe and smooth shift changes with screens

Many healthcare facilities have a need to easily and quickly reach out to all their staff. Shift changes are common at many facilities and the information transfer becomes extra important between the shifts. Let the digital signs create a safe environment and help share important information and current information that applies to the hospitals staff.

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A tool suited for everyone in the company

Smartsign Display Manager is so simple and flexible that the same system can be used by a manager to publish the latest interim report, a project manager to share a customer case study and the receptionist to welcome today’s visitors.

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Available information creates safe visitors

A caring treatment and attitude is important for both patients and visitors. With digital signs, you can relieve the staff and create a safe environment with clear information, answers to frequently asked questions and relaxing entertainment in the waiting room.

The screens can direct the visitors correctly and give the patient a good start to the visit.

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Communicate in crisis

Two of the most important factors in crisis communication are high visibility and time. The digital signs has a documented high visibility and gives the opportunity to act immediately when urgent messages needs to be published.

When you mark a booking as urgent it overrides the usual content so that you quickly reach out with the important crisis communication directly on your screens.

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