What is Digital Signage?

Get your message through with digital screens

Let’s face it: Information keeps saturating our environment; faster and faster. Advertising is everywhere, always. The rules of engagement have never been as obvious and unforgiving: Be out there or get forgotten. Everyone’s already doing web, print, social media… So how do you rise above the noise and make YOUR message stand out?

Benefits of digital signage

Picture a restaurant. Back in the day, menu boards were merely static signs with various items written on them. Using Digital Signage, they can come alive with steam rising from hot dishes and coffee cups, the creation of a gourmet hamburger can be animated; illustrating the different layers of mouth watering ingredients falling into place. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus can change on a pre-set time of day.

Imagine a factory with different types of workers; both on the factory floor as well as in an office setting. Keeping all these employees up to real time speed is a breeze using Digital Signage: Slick, strategically mounted office screens, giant screens present within the factory itself, workers receiving the same information on their smartphones… Internal communication has never been a simpler task to solve.

Ever been in an elevator? Sure you have! Imagine a department store with different categories of merchandise on each floor. Wouldn’t it be cool with a big display in the elevator, showing merchandise information and offers specifically from the floor number you just pushed on the elevator control panel?

The reason is simplicity, flexibility,
scalability and availability.

Adding Digital Signage to your marketing toolbox is like turbo charging your ability to reach further; faster. Back in the day, Digital Signage was a static tool that displayed basic information on simple, sometimes even monochrome screens. There was no interaction per se, content usually being static and… boring.

Today, it’s a whole new ballgame. “The sky’s the limit” is a motto that makes more and more sense as technology, demand and plain old fantasy push the limits of getting your message through.

What can Digital Signage do for me?

Plain and simple: If you want to push information beyond the boundaries of web, print or broadcast, Digital Signage can very well be that cardinal factor that gives you that extra, crucial reach.

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