Smartsign and Vestel

Founded in 1984, Vestel Visual Solutions offers innovative and high-performance digital signage displays for sectors like retail, hospitality, and corporate environments. These products aim to boost customer engagement through dynamic visual communication, showcasing Vestel's dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Vestel panels

The Vestel panels designed for digital signage, including the PNxxD, PRxxD, and PFxxD series, offer several key benefits tailored to a broad spectrum of applications. These benefits include:

Ultra High Definition Display: With UHD (3840×2160 resolution), these panels deliver crisp, vivid images that can enhance viewer engagement in any setting.

High Brightness: The panels are equipped with high brightness levels (up to 700 cd/m² for the PRxxD series), making them suitable for brightly lit or outdoor environments where visibility is crucial.

24/7 Operation: Engineered for continuous use, these displays are reliable for around-the-clock operation, a critical feature for digital signage applications that require long hours of operation without interruption.

Versatile Installation and Support: Including features like OPS/SDM/NUC module support, embedded IR, IR extender options, and the capability for 30° tilting installation, Vestel panels offer flexibility in deployment and functionality to meet diverse needs.

Wide Application Areas: The versatility and robustness of these panels make them suitable for various sectors, including retail, quick service restaurants (QSR), corporate environments, control rooms, and transportation. This wide range of applications ensures that businesses across different industries can utilize Vestel digital signage panels to enhance their communication and marketing strategies.

These features collectively ensure that Vestel’s digital signage solutions can meet the high demands of modern advertising and information dissemination, providing engaging, clear, and dynamic displays suitable for a wide array of environments and use cases

Compatible screens

Screens using Android platform MB400VS:

  • PNxxD series*
  • PRxxD series*
  • PFxxD series*

* Firmware

For more info and installation guide, go to:
Smartsign docs – Vestel.

Please be mindful and choose hardware based on your needs and if in doubt contact

Smartsign Display Manager

The solution for digital signage is called Smartsign Display Manager. It gives you simple and quick control over digital signage as a communication channel.

  • Control your message and deliver it exactly the way you want
  • Stable and flexible platform
  • User-friendly software