Smartsign and Windows

Smartsign has always been developed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows and a PC of any brand to provide a simple solution for complex and impressive installations.

Powerful solution for multiple screens

You can simply run any screen and screen size via a PC machine. It all depends of the hardwares capacity*. Furthermore the simplest solution to show information on a video wall consisting of two or more screens is by using Smartsign and a Windows PC.

Simple and worry-free

Take a suitable PC* with Windows 10 OS. Plug in a screen, install Smartsign Player and connect to Smartsign. Cloudservice or local installation is up to you. It can’t be easier than that.

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Compatible screens

Any screen connected to a PC* with Windows 10 is recommended for Smartsign Display Manager 10.

A smart choice is a compact model that has the performance required for the application. An example of such a model is the Lenovo Tiny: ThinkCentre M70q Gen4, which is an excellent player among many others.

* Check the technical specifications for hardware requirements and restrictions. System requirements – Windows.

This post is also available in SV.

Smartsign Display Manager

The solution for digital signage is called Smartsign Display Manager. It gives you simple and quick control over digital signage as a communication channel.

  • Control your message and deliver it exactly the way you want
  • Stable and flexible platform
  • User-friendly software