Boost your employee experience with Smartsigns Instagram template

Social media is a great way to share whats happening at your company with both employees and customers. Let your team share pictures of work and fun around the office on instagram. It can bring your team together, strengthen your brand, and gain followers.

You are not alone in wanting the attention of your audience, so one drawback with using instagram to share information is that its easy for a post to disappear in the constant flow of the feed.

But, if you are fortunate enough to have screens running digital signage with Smartsign Manager around the office, its a breeze to give your posts some extra visibility. Simply add the instagram template to your Smartsign playlist, and make social media part of your signage. Smartsign also provides templates for other social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the instructional video and get your instagram posts the attention they deserve!

Smartsign 10.7 is out
The instagram template is one of the news in the latest version of Smartsign. Read about more news in Smartsign 10.7 here.

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