February 6, 2020

Increase the reach of your internal communication content with digital signage

Many companies put a lot of energy into their digital internal communications, and for a good reason. If done well it creates unity in a company, a desire to change, builds motivation and commitment. All important driving forces if we’re to do our best at work.

This is often done by email, intranets, other online platforms and sometimes social media. Success in internal communication is very much about how you design your communication, creating messages that engage and encourage dialogue. But also where you choose to appear. It is important to reach out at a time and in a way where the person is receptive to the information. It can be difficult to stand out in the flow of mail, social media and other impressions.

Digital signage with Smartsign is an effective way to increase the exposure of the messages that have already been formulated and communicated in other channels. This can be fully automated via connections to intranets, social media, or other data sources. Smartsign has extensive integration capabilities to enable this. There are simple features to, for example, retrieve news from an intranet, view the content from social media, or the latest sales figures from a PowerBI dashboard and much more.

casual work meeting in a lounge area with signage

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