Support and training

Dear customers. We will have extra support for our retail customers concerning emergency problems between 22 – 26 December 2018. Also online training will be cancelled the last two weeks of December 2018, week 51 and 52. Welcome back in January 2019. Sincerely the Smartsign Support Team.

Several ways to become a Smartsign Display Manager ninja

Although the Smartsign Display Manager software is commonly hailed as one of the most approachable and easy to use systems available on the Digital Signage market, extra knowledge might sometimes be necessary to be able to delve deeper and accomplish even more. It’s a very competent system that lets you customize both content and targets to great extent, and one of our many different training options might be just the ticket.

Please read more about our online training sessions here.

Help is just around the corner

Smartsign is delighted to offer the services of a large and dedicated support team. You might find your answer in our FAQ section, alternatively contact us to get personal technical support at your convenience.

A quick help on the way

Watch this quick introduction of our software Smartsign Display Manager 10. Learn how to make a simple booking through our calendar, work with previews and a few other useful tips.

Introduction to Smartsign Display Manager 10