Let your coworkers take the screens home in their pockets.

Using Smartsign Share, you can share your Smartsign screens with people not at the office. All they need is access to a device with a web browser.

Bring your screens to life outside the office.

When teleworking increased, our customers needed ways to communicate outside the office, so we developed Smartsign Share. Using the sharing function, you can easily share selected screens with your coworkers. All they need is a device with a web browser, like a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Using the Smartsign Share extension, all you need is a simple link to share your physical screens. Contact us for more information, and to order the extension for your Smartsign solution.

Smartsign Share in practice.

Extended functionality

Smartsign Share adds functionality, which requires a separate license.

1 license is enough

To use Smartsign Share on your screens you need one (1) Share license for your site.

Great overview

You can reach all your shared screens using an overview that you create here:
Admin › Screens › Shared screens

Display on any device

Shared screens can be displayed on any device, like a computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is a web browser.

Navigate your content

It’s easy for your coworkers to access the shared screens and navigate the content.

Admin controlled sharing

You need admin access to activate screen sharing.

Password protection

Everybody with access to the link can display the screen, but you can add password protection if you want.

Deactivate screen sharing

Set an end date for the screen sharing, or remove the link manually.

Want to get started with Smartsign Share? Watch the instructional video »

What content is displayed on the screen?

Content that’s only available on your local network won’t show up on shared screens. This is also true of some integrations that depend on other systems.

Other than that, all the content that’s booked on the screen will be shown in the shared link.


Get an introduction to Smartsign Share.

Leave your contact information, and we’ll help you get started sharing your digital screens. We often get back to you the same day.

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