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An effective way to reach residents, visitors and employees

Getting information out in the right place and to the right people is crucial for most municipalities. With digital messaging and a platform like Smartsign, that task can be solved in a simple and efficient way.

Using digital screens with live content, you can offer residents and visitors great service and a warm welcome to your community facilities. Thanks to the smart platform, you can easily spread messages and images via the screens in a way that informs, inspires, advertises and updates the local offerings.

In the same way, digital screens can be a powerful tool for a municipality to communicate important messages to staff, especially in workplaces where employees do not spend their workday in front of a computer. Libraries, healthcare facilities, schools and offices can all benefit greatly from digital screens with Smartsign.

An effective way to reach residents, visitors and employees.

The power of Digital Signage

Quick communication

Reach out with current events and messages directly via your displays.

Upcoming events

Inform about upcoming activities and events from the municipality.

Public transportation

Retrieve traffic data to display upcoming departures at nearby stations.

News feed

Subscribe to news feeds that interests your viewers. Collect both images and texts.

Ongoing maintenance

Inform about planned measures within the municipality. For ex renovations and disturbances.

Social Media

Highlight your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed on your screens.

Display contacts

Provide contact info in the event of an accident or when a fault report needs to be made.

Existing material

Book you screen with already made content like images, videos and texts.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API. Get in touch for more info!

Crisis information

Reach out with vital information when sudden situations arise.

Reach out to your residents and visitors

What if you could reach out with information to people without having to send them an email, put up posters or posting on social media?

Digital signs help you reach out with customised content based on where the screen is located and provides good service to your residents and visitors when they need it the most. Show current events, planned and ongoing actions or important contact information.

Thanks to the ability to trigger content via buttons or touch, you also gives the ability to display the content in another language.

Clear communication to your employees

Engage your employees with current information in areas they often visit, such as the lunch area, cafeteria or corridor. With digital screens, you can get a continuous flow that is always updated with the latest information. Thanks to this, the recipient will get interested to take part of the information, since they know it’s up to date and accurate.

By reusing and syncing your other feeds on the screen, handling is made easy. You reuse already created material and avoid that employees miss news in the intranet or important e-mails.

Vital communication during crises

The digital screens give you opportunities to handle information that needs to be communicated quickly. Thanks to our interface, you get a good overview of your screens and can with easy management choose which information is to be displayed on your screens.

In addition to reaching out with correct information in emergency situations, you can also schedule recurring crisis preparation measures, such as fire drills.

Digital Signage within your municipality

  • Businesses
  • Children & Education
  • Municipality & politics
  • Culture & leisure
  • Support & care
  • Experiences
  • Waste & recycling
  • Health & medical care
  • Traffic & travel
  • Housing
  • Streets & squares
  • Water & wastewater
  • Environment & climate
  • Work
  • Tourism
  • Events

Welcome your visitors with digital entrance signs

A digital entrance sign along the road is a welcoming and informative feature when motorists drive into the municipality.

Drive attention to upcoming events and happenings in the municipality with nice content outdoors. You can easily manage all your displays and their bookings centrally.

Many municipalities also offer the opportunity for local organisations to book an advertising space for their upcoming event. A smart way to finance the signs, while you do your visitors and residents a favour by highlighting upcoming events.

Selection of municipalities that use Smartsign