Webinar – Screen layouts


Screen layouts in Smartsign Display Manager

29 of April , AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime) approx. 30 minutes

Learn how to get the most out of your screen layouts in this free webinar from Smartsign. There is several default screen layouts available in Smartsign, but you can of course make your own, with a custom design and detailed control over layers for different kind of content.

This training includes:

• Terminology, what is a screen layout, a layer and a layer profile, calendar bookings
• Theming (but not CSS customization)
• Layers and Layer profiles (interaction of layers)
• Creating and applying a screen layout
• Direct booked media

Prepare yourself by reading Admin Manual 10.7 pages 43 to 49
(Click help in Smartsign Display Manager to access the manual.)


Next up!
Design Interactivity in Smartsign Display Manager.
The Layout webinar will be followed by a Design interactivity webinar, 13 of May, AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime).

The design interactivity webinar will include:

  • Everything starts at the sketchboard
  • Defining triggers
  • Preparing the menu using Template creator
  • Preparing contents using channels
  • Creating a suitable screen layout
  • Giving user access to trigger functions
  • Touch, Keyboard, Mouse triggered interactivity
  • Smartsign Remote
  • Trigger content using Webhooks

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