Webinar – User management in Smartsign Display Manager

More free online webinars from Smartsign! Three upcoming webinars will cover user management, screen layouts and design interactivity. First out is Groups and User management!

Groups and User management in Smartsign Display Manager

22 of April , AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime) approx. 30 minutes

Smartsign has a powerful user management where groups and access rights make sure that your users have easy accsess to the relevant part of the system, making your day as a Smartsign administrator a bit easier!

This training includes:
• Groups and User management: How to think in Smartsign
• Creating groups and provide access rights
• Creating users
• Access rights to resources such as channels, triggers, feeds
• Adapting a user profile

Prepare yourself by reading Admin Manual 10.7 pages 43 to 49
(Click help in Smartsign Display Manager to access the manual.)

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