Introducing Smartsign Share

Share your Smartsign screen

Smartsign provides a solid infrastructure for publishing information at key locations.

But what if the workplace suddenly is at home?


The Smartsign Share feature let you share selected Smartsign screens with coworkers out of office.
All they need is a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

View a shared screen at the Smartsign office

Share is now available for users of Smartsigns Cloud Service

Since a lot of our users is working from home right now, we are releasing a remote sharing feature for Smartsign Screens. Just click the share button in Smartsign manager, and start sharing your screens to people working remotely!

Smartsign share is a quick response to help our users continue their work as smooth as possible during the current situation. Share will be available as a free service for all Smartsign Cloud users for at least three months.

Do you want to view an example of a shared screen?
Here is a link to a Demo screen.



Can all Smartsign users share screens?
You need to have the administrator role to enable the screen sharing.

Who can view the shared screen?
Everyone with the link can view the screen, so if you have sensitive info on your screens, be careful when sharing the link.

Is everything on the screen displayed on the screen share link?
Content only accessible on your internal network, will not be displayed in the screen sharing link. The same can be true for integrations depending on other systems. Your bookings of standard content will be displayed as ususal.

Will the screen sharing always be free?
Share will be available as a free service for at least three months to help our users continue their work as smooth as possible during the current situation with a lot of people working from home. Smartsign is looking into exactly how Share will work in the future.

Is there a way to use Screen sharing if you are running an On premise Smartsign server?

Not at the moment, Share is currently only available on Smartsigns Cloud Service.

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