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A new way to drop knowledge & awareness on students and staff.

Sometimes internal communication and external communication need to be on the same screen. This is the case in schools and universities, where teachers and other staff are employees, and students are in a sense the customers. With the help of digital screens and Smartsign, it becomes easier to reach different people with different messages using the same screens.

With Smartsign’s interface, it is easy for the administration to communicate with teachers, students and other employees on the school or university’s premises. The screens can be used to communicate schedules, deadlines , messages from the principal, the school menu, rules and procedures, and anything else that requires everyone’s attention.

Thanks to the fact that Smartsign is so easy to integrate with most systems that are Microsoft-compatible, the school’s IT manager can look forward to a smooth implementation process. And once the solution is rolled out, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for your administrators to take full advantage of Smartsign.

The power of digital signage:


Schedule the content on the screens to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.


Smartsign Display Manager has a user-friendly interface that suits everyone.

Unlimited users

At Smartsign, you pay per screen and not per user.

Sync your files

Tired of learning new systems? Sync a local folder to publish your content.

Flexible layouts

Smartsign gives you the freedom to design your screens so they look exactly as you wish.

Touch solutions

Create simple touch and trigger solutions using Smartsign.

Including everyone

No access to computer or mobile is needed when you use locally based communication.

Existing material

Book your screens with already made material, such as images, movies, and text.

Communicate in crisis

Override all other on-screen communications with our emergency bookings.

Maintenance in progress

Inform and flag for upcoming or current maintenance and disruptions.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API.

Care about each other

Welcome students to a new year, cheer the team on or wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Case hos Statens Fastighetsverk


Visibility where it matters at Södertörn University.

With a well thought out publishing organisation and the right tools and knowledge to make it possible, Södertörn University has created a solution that get message out where it mattes, when it matters.

A communication channel you won't miss.

How do you compete with the constant flow of information found in social media and email inboxes nowadays? Digital signage offers location-based information that is available regardless of access to the intranet or email. The screens reach both students and teachers and create a safe environment in the school and cohesion among the staff.

Communicate in crisis.

Two of the most important factors in crisis communication are high visibility and time. The digital signs has a documented high visibility and gives the opportunity to act immediately when urgent messages needs to be published.

When you mark a booking as urgent it overrides the usual content so that you quickly reach out with the important crisis communication directly on your screens.

A natural collection point for school information.

Digital signage becomes the natural start of the day for students and teachers. Here is where you find the latest information – current schedules, directions map of the school, updates of classrooms and today’s lunch menu in the cafeteria.

It is also a good place to display upcoming events, important dates students must not miss, or current offers in the student bookstore.


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