Digital signs for retail

Enhance the customer experience & increase sales with smart screens.

Physical stores have increasingly become almost as digital as web shops – and this digitization has its clearest expression in digital signage. With the help of Smartsign’s user-friendly interface, you can quickly communicate offers, news and more to your customers.

It’s easy to take advantage of the new opportunities that smart screens provide in a store environment, especially since Smartsign is practically platform-independent. You can present offers in a compelling way that builds your brand and increases your revenue – and easily and quickly update your offers as needed. With smart tools for text, image and video, and a user-friendly interface your employees will appreciate, you’ll benefit from the full range of digital possibilities. In this way, you can offer your customers a better overall experience that inspires them to enjoy their time in your store so they stay longer, buy more and return often.

From a technical perspective, Smartsign is easy to use, implement and integrate with your existing systems – and we have a lot of experience adapting the platform to meet our customers’ needs.

The power of digital signage:

Show offers

Let the screens show current offers in the store to increase sales.

Enhance your CX

Enhance your visitors' experience in your store with inspiring and enticing content on the screens.

Additional sales

Showcase selected products on the digital screens to increase sales.

Centrally and locally

You can control the screens both locally and centrally.

Flexible layouts

Smartsign gives you the freedom to design your screens so they look exactly as you wish.

Touch solutions

Create simple touch and trigger solutions using Smartsign.


Schedule the content on the screens to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.


Smartsign Display Manager has a user-friendly interface that suits everyone.

Sync your files

Tired of learning new systems? Sync a local folder to publish your content.

Enhance the store environment

Let the screens be an extension of the store interior. Video, image and sound amplify and enhance.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API.

Internal communication

Gather all the internal information on your screens in the lunch room or dressing room.


Screens working as billboards and extra staff

At Folkpool, all campaigns are handled digitally on screens in the stores. No customer needs to get bored waiting for a salesperson – instead, they can take part in the store’s range, inspiration and important information about the pools and spas.


Clas Ohlson and Smartsign

Clas Ohlson is a well-know retail store in Sweden that goes way back. Without sacrificing space in their stores, they have created a fantastic customer experience thanks to digital signage from Smartsign.

Increase your customer service with digital screens.

Make it easier for your employees by letting the digital screens become a part of the customer service. With easily accessible information about the store and your products, customers get the opportunity to find answers to their questions themselves.

Digital screens can not replace the physical meeting, but make it easier for your employees by easily providing service to your visitors in the store.

Put a specific brand in the spotlight.

A screen with live content attracts attention and is a great way to attract a purchase of selected items, or to promote a particular brand. Offer your suppliers to buy advertising space on your digital screens to make their brands be seen more frequent in your store.


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