Digital signage for restaurants

"What’s on the lunch TV today?"

In recent years, digital aids have been making a big impact on profitability in the restaurant industry, where margins are tight and service is vital. With the help of digital screens and Smartsign, it is easy to display a constantly updated menu and give guests the option of fast and convenient self-service.

Having correctly updated menus can be a challenge for restaurants and can make a big impact on your bottom line, especially when it comes to limited-time offers. Now you can roll out a unified campaign in several restaurants at the same time, without making time-consuming handouts that increase the error rate.

With the help of Smartsign and digital screens, it’s easy for restaurant chains to update menus in multiple locations with just a few keystrokes. The user-friendly interface also makes it a winning combination for the individual restaurant that wants to communicate digitally with its guests on the premises.

From a technical perspective, Smartsign is easy to use, implement and integrate with your existing systems. And just like you, we’ll adjust our delivery based on our customers’ wishes.

Why use digital signage?


Schedule the content on the screens to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.


Smartsign Display Manager has a user-friendly interface that suits everyone.

Unlimited users

At Smartsign, you pay per screen and not per user.

Synchronised files

Overwhelmed with new technology? Sync a local folder to publish your content.

Flexible layouts

Smartsign gives you the freedom to design your screens so they look exactly as you wish.

Touch solutions

Create simple touch and trigger solutions using Smartsign.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API.

Save time and money

Less administration when you're able to edit the screens, whenever and wherever.

Enhance the customer experience.

Display images or videos of delicious dishes, tempt your guests with a dessert or show todays specials. Your screens are also a perfect place to tell about upcoming events in the restaurant. The screens help your customers find what they’re looking for, the order process runs smoother and enhances your customers experience.

Keep your staff members informed.

When you keep your employees informed about what’s happening in the workplace, you strengthen cohesion and the pace of work. Employees who have access to information can easily handle unexpected events and changes, as well as they can plan for upcoming events and feel involved in the business.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour?

Create timed and recurring on-screen bookings to always keep your screens up to date with the right information. Make the menus replace each other at a certain time or adapt the content with offers according to demand or supply of raw materials. Smartsign gives you the freedom to schedule well in advance or in real time and you save time and money by not having to handle signs that are dated with time.


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