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Keeping visitors and tenants informed at Fastpartner.

Fastpartner is using digital signage to inform tenants about current information and practical details in the building. The screens in the building gives visitors a welcoming feeling and help them to easily find their way to the right floor.

The content can easily be changed remotely in Smartsign Display Manager, and you can change multiple screens in different locations from your computer. This facilitates a previously demanding work of creating notes and getting people out to the properties.

You’re welcomed with neat information about everything you need to know during your visit at Fastpartner’s properties in Stockholm, Sweden.
References – Screen at our customer Fastpartner, Real Estate in Sweden

Keeping relevant and catching the eye.

A challenge with all signage is to keep the displays relevant even for people who pass them every day.

Fastpartner has been good at creating a dynamic content with the help of external feeds, such as Instagram. This gives the screen an updated feeling even during dry periods when the property managers haven’t actively published information to the screen.

This gives Fastpartner’s Instagram feed a push since this gives it some extra exposure. Win win!

Focus on the content, instead of the file format.

One of the things that Fastpartner appreciate with Smartsign is the ability to use many file formats.

A key benefit of using digital signage is quickly updating information. The need of someone to visit multiple locations to put up notices is gone, which will save both time and money.

Thanks to the breadth of Smartsign Display Manager, in terms of file format, users rarely need to feel limited in what they can upload and not. Instead, the focus ends up on what content you share, and not whether it’s a Powerpoint or PDF.

Example of compatible file types:
DV solutions
smartsign logo

A system to grow with.

Fastpartner looks at Smartsign as a system to grow with, with all right. When carrying out a signage project with an experienced partner like Digital Visual Solutions, Smartsign is a solid foundation to build your Digital Signage projects on. Whether you have one screen, or a hundred.

Always up to date. Always relevant. Always welcoming.

Do you want to know more about how digital signage can help your business?

We’ll take you step by step on how you can use digital signage as a communication channel, together with our smart solutions for your specific needs.

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