Smartsign Mobile Play

Send internal information quickly to your employees’ phones.

Keep your colleagues updated about what’s happening within the company, wherever they happen to be. Smartsign Mobile Play gives you a quick and flexible way to convey internal information and other messages.

Mobile freedom – everywhere, around the clock

Send text, images, videos, web links and documents to any smartphone. Your message reaches all your colleagues in real time through the app on their phones.

Tailor-made messages

Send customised messages to different groups of recipients so that the right department receives the right information at the right time.

This is how it works

Smartsign Display Manager

User-friendly software for digital signage

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to publish anything from moving graphics and videos to texts and images. You can work in the programs you’re familiar with, such as PowerPoint, or use predefined templates. We will aid you with tips, advice and training in how to optimise the use of your screens.

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