Add-ons and services

Smartsign Display Manager is a complete software solution that gives you quick and easy access to digital signage as a marketing channel. We also have a number of interesting add-on products that offer even greater versatility and flexibility.


We customise a training programme to suit your needs and draw up a training plan. Contact us to discuss the ideal training programme for you and your team.

Template production

We’ve been working with digital signage for more than 20 years and know how important content is in making your message stand out. We can help you with both original production and adapting existing material. Our skilled team of industry professionals will evaluate your material and take it to a new level. We can help you with customised and targeted texts, PowerPoint productions, graphics, image and photo manipulation and inviting, modern Smartsign templates.


Smartsign Wayfinder is ideal for a conference or hotel environment where there are multiple rooms/venues/areas. Wayfinder helps both staff and guests to find the right venue and can also display current room reservations, as it integrates seamlessly with many existing systems on the market.

Smartsign Mobile Play

The ideal solution for someone who doesn’t work in an office environment and needs to access fast, flexible internal communication. You can use the app to send most kinds of material – text, images, sound, videos and documents – to any smartphone.

Smartsign Sync

Smartsign Sync lets you edit, update and replace your content – on your own computer, via a cloud service or an external server. All changes are automatically synced with Smartsign Display Manager and then published on your screens. So you don’t need to go into Smartsign Display Manager to make changes – just edit your content and Smartsign Sync does the rest.

Web Player

A quick and easy way to send digital information as a simple URL. Compile your information, create the link and send it as an email, text message or as a QR code that can be printed in a brochure. Once the link has been created, you can still replace and edit your material – your material is dynamic, but the link always remains the same. Web Player is ideal when it comes to sending information to smartphones and tablets – for example at trade fairs where your recipients are always on the move.

Screen Saver

You can use Screen Saver to push your information to computers in sleep mode. A whole office landscape of inactive screens can be brought to life with your information.

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