Smart and intuitive digital signage with Smartsign.

Control your content using Smartsign Display Manager.

The Smartsign Display Manager digital solution makes it quick and easy for you to use digital signage as a marketing channel. Control your messaging with Smartsign and deliver exactly the message you want.

As well as being very stable and flexible, and suitable for all kinds of industries, our platform is also very user-friendly. This means anyone at the company can use Smartsign, both for information and inspiration.

Web-based interface

Most modern web browsers are supported, and you don’t need to install any software.

Calendar-based scheduling

Plan and schedule when you want your information displayed on the screens, f. ex. Mondays 09:00-10:00.

Automated workflows

Monitor your files – when a scheduled file has been changed, the screens are automatically updated. You can also monitor RSS feeds, Twitter etc.

Extensive file support

Support for the most common files, like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, video, HTML.

Ease of use.

It’s easy to share information using Smartsign – regardless of whether you’re using animations, video, text or still images. You can use existing software like PowerPoint to create content and there are also various pre-defined templates to help you.

No matter where you are, you can control your screens. You can put different messages on different screens, and schedule when you want them displayed. Everything happens in real time, and if anything needs adjusting, you can change it instantly.

Optional features & extensions

Make your solution even more complete with our optional features and extensions.

Use a smart display to avoid double booked meeting rooms.
Share your Smartsign screens with your teleworking co-workers.

Change the content of the screens quickly and easily using a synced folder.

Help the conference or hotel visitors find their way around.

Our services

Our experts will help you get the most out of your Smartsign solution.

Integration and external systems.

Can I display information from external systems on my screens? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Want to show your Instagram feed? Just use the pre-made template! Want to do something a bit more complex, like display production data from multiple data sources? Give us a call, and we’ll figure it out!

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Morten Prang
International Sales Director

Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria

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Kontakt meg for å komme i gang med Smartsign.

Espen Gill Latham, Smartsign's Sales Manager, Norway

Espen Gill Latham

Sales Manager Norway

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Antti Ilvonen

Pre-Sales Engineer Finland and Baltic states

Adress Suomi

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