Controlling your digital signs should be easy

The core – Smartsign Display Manager

The digital signage solution is known as Smartsign Display Manager. It gives you quick and easy control over digital signage as a marketing channel. With Smartsign Display Manager, you control your message and can deliver exactly what you want. The platform is extremely stable and flexible, and is suitable for all industries. It is also user-friendly, which means that everyone in the company can use Smartsign to inform and inspire.

Web-based interface

Support for most browsers. No software needs to be installed for users.

Calendar-based scheduling

Plan and schedule when the content is to be displayed on screens, e.g. Mondays 09:00-10:00.

Automated workflows

Monitor files – when the scheduled file has been edited, the screens are updated automatically. You can also monitor RSS flows or Twitter etc.

Extensive file format support

Support for most common file formats, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, video, HTML.

Easy to use

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to share information – whether you’re using moving graphics, video, text or images. Existing software programs can be used, for example PowerPoint. There are also pre-defined templates with fields and image archives to facilitate publication.

No matter where you are in the world you can control screens all over the globe. You can have different messages on different screens, and also schedule them. All communication takes place in real time, and if anything needs adjusting you can edit it instantly.

Integrations and external systems

Can i show info from external systems on my screens?

Most of the times, the answer is yes. Want to show your instagram feed? Just use the ready made template. Want to do something more complex, like display production data from multiple data sources? Give us a call and we will figure something out!

Do you want to know more about how digital signage can help your business?

We’ll take you step by step on how you can use digital signage as a communication channel, together with our smart solutions for your specific needs.

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