Partner Downloads – Qbic

Here you will find firmware and other related files for QBIC products that can be used with Smartsign.
All files and content is provided as a service and Smartsign takes no responsibility for their use.

Firmware downloads


QBIC Firmware FHD-100 - Android 5.1
Version 1.1.2 (Android 5.1)


QBIC Firmware BXP-202/300/301
Version 1.1.2 (Android 5.1)


Firmware update instructions

Firmware update can be done in several ways, but here we describe the two most common methods. The Qbic Remote Configuration Center allows you to perform upgrades and also other configuration remotely. It’s built as a public web page, but can scan the local network for devices.

USB flash drive

  1. Place the firmware in the root of a USB flash drive. Make sure there are no other ZIP files there.
  2. Plug the USB flash drive to the Qbic device.
  3. On the Qbic device, go to Settings > Firmware update > Firmware update > START FIRMWARE UPDATE

Remote Configuration Center

  1. Please visit the Qbic Remote Configuration Center
  2. Find and select your device (if you have configured a password for the device, you’ll need to set it in the center before you can control the device)
  3. Go to Remote Control section, select Firmware Update, and choose the firmware file
  4. Select Remote Config and click Start Configuration


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