17 November 2023

Weather Forecasts in Template Creator

This integration has more uses than simply helping you decide on bringing an umbrella or wearing sunglasses. Weather conditions can significantly affect operations in multiple fields if not prepared – that’s why real-time updates can be a particularly helpful tool to keep operations running smoothly.

While this update can’t guarantee great weather, it has significantly improved performance and customisation. The appearance can be adjusted with multiple icon styles, and the location can easily be set to your region for relevant forecasts – or perhaps even show consideration by keeping track of weather conditions at another office. APIs for SMHI (Sweden) and WeatherStack (Global) are integrated to provide more accurate forecasts.

However, please note that this data source does not support legacy screens, and precipitation data is not included in this initial version.

We’re always working to develop and expand our library of practical integrations, so you can freely customise your screens. Check out our full list here: Integration services

This post is also available in SV.

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