Smartsign 10.8 out now!

Smartsign 10.8 will be available for users of the Smartsign Cloud Service April 20, 2020.

The new dashboard in Smartsign 10.8 brings easy access to you favorite bookings and devices among other things, and improved webpage bookings makes it easier than ever to crop your snapshots to publish selected parts of webpages on your screens. On the more technical side some users will be excited about custom headers for snapshot url’s .

If you have Smartsign Cloud version 10, you will receive the update automatically. If you still use Smartsign 9 please contact to upgrade. Smartsign 10.8 for on premise customers will be announced in the near future.

The new URL-wizard makes it easy to publish web pages on you Smartsign screens. You can publish live pages, snaphots of web pages that require login, crop selected parts of the snaphots and more.

Key features in Smartsign 10.8

• New dashboard
• New URL wizard
• Online documentation at
• Custom request headers for json/xml in Template creator
• Video support in Template Creator on selected platforms

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Have a look at the training videos – Publish web pages with the URL-wizard & introducing the dashboard.

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