Smartsign – Multiple time zones

Update: Display multiple time zones on your screen

The clock is ticking and it’s time for our monthly product release.This time our developers have improved our most popular feature – to show time on your screen. Learn about our new feature!

What’s in it for me?

This is great for organisation with offices in several countries that want’s to display what time it is at the different locations. A feature that creates a nice connection between co-workers.

Or simply use the world clock for esthetic reasons, which is also a good reason.

How does it work?

When editing a template you simply add the text field and change Time zone-setting.

Changing time zone in Template Creator – Smartsign, Digital Signage

You could also quick start with the free template that you find in the media library under “Smartsign Templates”.

Template for

What else happened during the February update?

We have improved our website wizard to make it even easier to crop selected areas of large websites. And for the advanced user it might be interesting to know that we now supports Group Sync for Azure AD.

This is a cloud only-release. The full release notes is available here.

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