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Webinar – Design interactivity

Design Interactivity in Smartsign Display Manager 13 of May, AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime) Interactivity can engage your audience and help you communicate in an effective way. Join our design interactivity webinar and learn how your Smartsign screen layouts can become interactive. The trigger functions takes digital signage interactivity a step

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Webinar – Screen layouts

  Screen layouts in Smartsign Display Manager 29 of April , AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime) approx. 30 minutes Learn how to get the most out of your screen layouts in this free webinar from Smartsign. There is several default screen layouts available in Smartsign, but you can of course make

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Smartsign 10.8 out now!

Smartsign 10.8 will be available for users of the Smartsign Cloud Service April 20, 2020. The new dashboard in Smartsign 10.8 brings easy access to you favorite bookings and devices among other things, and improved webpage bookings makes it easier than ever to crop your snapshots to publish selected parts

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Webinar – User management in Smartsign Display Manager

More free online webinars from Smartsign! Three upcoming webinars will cover user management, screen layouts and design interactivity. First out is Groups and User management! Groups and User management in Smartsign Display Manager 22 of April , AM 9:30 CET (SummerTime) approx. 30 minutes Smartsign has a powerful user management

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