Digital Signs for

Internal Communication

Get employees to act on your most important messages

Lack of communication is a major reason why most companies’ internal change programs fail to achieve their goals. But with digital screens and Smartsign, you’ll have a powerful platform to convey your company’s key messages.

The two most important components that make Smartsign and digital signage effective for internal communication are relevance and group dynamics. Because of their open placement throughout the workplace, the screens signal relevance in a way that works like road signs in traffic – they are “in your face” in a way that an e-mail or an intranet cannot compete with. Since the messages are perceived communally by
employees, they also become more difficult to ignore. Plus, when all employees see the same thing at the same time, it contributes to a stronger collective reaction.

With Smartsign, you can inform employees, then guide them through understanding and acceptance to taking responsibility and action – to ensure your company’s policies and strategies have the desired effect. The user-friendly but powerful interface also makes it easy for many different employees to publish content, enabling timeliness and increasing relevance.

Get employees to act on your most important messages.

The power of Digital Signage


Schedule the content on the screens to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.


Smartsign Display Manager has a user-friendly interface that suits everyone.

Unlimited users

At Smartsign, you pay per screen and not per user.

Sync your files

Tired of learning new systems? Sync a local folder to publish your content.

Flexible layouts

Smartsign gives you the freedom to design your screens so they look exactly as you wish.

Touch solutions

Create simple touch and trigger solutions using Smartsign.

Including everyone

No access to computer or mobile is needed when you use locally based communication.

Existing material

Book your screens with already made material, such as images, movies, and text.

Communicate in crisis

Override all other on-screen communications with our emergency bookings.

Maintenance in progress

Inform and flag for upcoming or current maintenance and disruptions.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from many different systems where there is an open API.

Care about each other

Congratulate a colleague on his birthday or welcome another first day at work.

A tool suited for everyone in the company.

Smartsign Display Manager is so simple and flexible that the same system can be used by a manager to publish the latest interim report, a project manager to share a customer case study and the receptionist to welcome today’s visitors.

Communicate where employees are located.

Identify which locations are natural meeting places, where colleagues pass by and are receptive to messages. Set up a screen there to let all employees keep up with what is happening during the week, updated meeting times, important internal news, etc. Employees will get the right information without their needing to check their email or the intranet, and you can explain with the aid of a film or moving graphics as an alternative to text, to reach even more people.

Committed employees in all situations.

Good corporate communication creates motivation, commitment and a will to change – important driving forces for us to do our best at work. Digital signage is perfect for engaging, sharing important information or telling something uplifting.

Communicate in crisis.

Two of the most important factors in crisis communication are high visibility and time. The digital signs has a documented high visibility and gives the opportunity to act immediately when urgent messages needs to be published.

When you mark a booking as urgent it overrides the usual content so that you quickly reach out with the important crisis communication directly on your screens.

Bring your screens to life outside the office with Smartsign Share.

Using Smartsign Share, you can share your Smartsign screens with people not at the office. All they need is access to a device with a web browser.

When teleworking increased, our customers needed ways to communicate outside the office. Using the sharing function, you can easily share selected screens with your coworkers

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