Smartsign Digital Signage for Facilities Management

Digital signage for Facilities Management

Your building is your marketplace – use it.

Screens are the perfect arena for communicating everything you need, and they give you the possibility to be accurate and on point when needed.

Do you have available space in the building? Let your screen communicate it, and perhaps the person walking by is just now looking for some more space. Or maybe you’re installing new solar panels on the roof? Then you could show the process with a video or an Instagram-feed. You could also show the numbers of how much it reduced the buildings carbon foot print.

Buildings are there for a long period, but not always its residents, and by some point maybe your company’s graphical identity will arise . With a digital platform you’ll be prepared to act quickly when changes needs to be done.

Digital signage showing a floor plan – Real estate, Smartsign

A digital concierge for your residents and visitors.

Regardless if you are visiting a building for the first time or it’s part of your everyday routine it’s important to be updated with relevant information and the possibility to navigate the building quickly.

This is not something new, the signs and noticeboards has been providing this service for ages. The challenge is making sure this information is up to date and truly relevant, something that the older solutions struggle with some times.

With this in mind, digital signage is a good fit, extending the reach and visibility of everything your facility has to offer. Using a digital approach to this with scheduling makes it possible to add, change and remove information instantly over ha whole network of screens, in every building and every doorway.

Trigger maintenance and service messages through your mobile.

How many times have you seen a post it-note stating that maintenance is scheduled for a date that has already passed?

Speaking of maintenance, it happens, and sometimes the need for this could arise unexpectedly. With pre-made service templates, your staff can toggle service messages in the building from their mobile phone, instantly with Smartsign.

Accurate messages gives your residents and visitors knowledge in what’s happening in the building, and maintenance staff will get piece in mind and a greater working environment.

Smartsign Mobile Application in use
Digital signage at our real estate customer Fastpartner in Stockholm Sweden

Smartsign Display Manager.

The only software you need to be able to publish internal and external communication. Easy to use and you can publish on several devices simultaneously.

Smartsign Display Manager is suitable for most hardware platforms such as Samsung, NEC, LG, Philips, Qbic and Windows PC.

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