Digital signage for Facilities Management

Give your properties a facelift with digital screens.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to commercial properties, that chance is at the entrance, where digital screens and Smartsign can give your building a fresh new face, and make it easier for guests to find their way.

In commercial properties, the main purpose of digital entrance signs with Smartsign is to replace one-dimensional entrance signs, where company names must be changed manually whenever a tenant moves in or out. It may sound like a small detail, but if you are managing 40-50 properties with a long list of tenants who depend on their visitors to find them, you know this task requires many hours per month.

In addition to functioning as a guide, the screens can be used to convey important information, such as the number for the property management’s office. Or, why not publish the time when the next bus leaves? But most of all, digital entrance signs indicate that you have taken a step towards future-proofing your building by digitalising its management.

Common use cases.

Quick communication

Reach your audience directly with current events and messages via the digital screens.

Tenant register

Display a list of residents or tenants in the property.

List vacant properties

List vacant apartments or premises located in the property.


Retrieve RSS feeds with text and images from feeds with news that interests you.

Planned maintenance

Inform about planned measures and maintenance in the property.

Upcoming activities

Let the board or reception get a part of the screen to tell what is happening in the building.


Highlight your partners, or why not this week's menu from the restaurant in the property?

Existing material

Publish and display already created material, such as images, movies, and text.

Social Media

Highlight your feeds from LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook on the screens.

Public transport

Retrieve traffic data to view upcoming departures at nearby stops.

Fault reporting

Display important contact details that's important if an accident occurs or something needs to be fixed.

External systems

Smartsign can retrieve data from real estate systems with open APIs. Get in touch for more info!

Digital notice board for the housing cooperative.

The screens help you reach out with tenant information in a very efficient way. Display current events in the cooperative and the area, such as planned maintenance measures and cleaning days, as well as important contact information and a list of names of the residents in the house.

Digital signs in the stairwell enhance the experience and provide clarity to your tenants. Hopefully you will also reduce repeated reports of errors and uncertainty about events in the facility.

Save time with a digital solution in the property.

Thanks to easy management, you can directly book current events and messages to the screen – without having to physically visit the building.

Smartsign helps you act quickly when sudden unforeseen events occur and gives you time to focus on other tasks.


Smartsign helps more guests enjoy the Atlantis experience.

Atlantis is a majestic 5 star hotel and resort situated on the world famous ‘Palm Island’ in Dubai. Smartsign is used across different screens and advices with its intuitive functionality that helps non-specialists to compile content and prioritize playlists and instant updates.
Digital signage showing a floor plan – Real estate, Smartsign

A digital concierge for your residents and visitors.

Regardless if you are visiting a building for the first time or it’s part of your everyday routine it’s important to be updated with relevant information and the possibility to navigate the building quickly.

This is not something new, the signs and noticeboards has been providing this service for ages. The challenge is making sure this information is up to date and truly relevant, something that the older solutions struggle with some times.

With this in mind, digital signage is a good fit, extending the reach and visibility of everything your facility has to offer. Using a digital approach to this with scheduling makes it possible to add, change and remove information instantly over ha whole network of screens, in every building and every doorway.

Trigger maintenance and service messages through your mobile.

How many times have you seen a post it-note stating that maintenance is scheduled for a date that has already passed?

Speaking of maintenance, it happens, and sometimes the need for this could arise unexpectedly. With pre-made service templates, your staff can toggle service messages in the building from their mobile phone, instantly with Smartsign.

Accurate messages gives your residents and visitors knowledge in what’s happening in the building, and maintenance staff will get piece in mind and a greater working environment.

Smartsign Mobile Application in use


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Selection of organizations that uses Smartsign.

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