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Here you will find firmware and other files for LG products that can be used with Smartsign.
All files and content is provided as a service and Smartsign takes no responsibility for their use.

If you do not find the correct firmware for you screen. Please contact LG B2B Support.

Manual firmware update instructions:

1. Download the latest firmware for your screen
3. Connect a FAT32 formatted USB stick to your computer
4.¬†Create a folder in the root of the USB stick and name it “LG_MONITOR”
5. Copy the firmware file to the folder on the USB stick
6. Connect the USB stick to the LG Screen
7. The firmware update menu should appear automatically
8. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the upgrade
9. The screen will turn off or restart automatically once the upgrade is complete.

LG WebOS Signage 4.1

Models (VersionKey for remote upgrade):
43UM3F/49UM3F/55UM3F/65UM3F 43UM3DF/49UM3DF/55UM3DF/65UM3DF 43UH5F/49UH5F/55UH5F/65UH5F 43UH7F/49UH7F/55UH7F/65UH7F 43UL3G/50UL3G/55UL3G/65UL3G/75UL3G/86UL3G 43UM3DG/49UM3DG/55UM3DG/65UM3DG 22SM3G

Firmware 03.21.40 (Upgrade recommended! Allows screens to trust the new Let’s Encrypt certificate chain)

LG WebOS Signage 4.0

Models (VersionKey for remote upgrade):
32SM5KE/43SM5KE/49SM5KE/55SM5KE 43SH7E/49SH7E/55SH7E 49UH5E/55UH5E/65UH5E/75UH5E/86UH5E/98UH5E 75UH5F/86UH5F/98UH5F 75UM3E/86UM3E/98UM3E 86UH5PE WP400

Firmware 04.08.81 (Upgrade recommended! Allows screens to trust the new Let’s Encrypt certificate chain)

LG WebOS Signage 3.2

32/43/49/55/65 SM5D
32/43/49/55/65 SM5KD
Firmware 04.05.50

LG WebOS for Signage 3.0

43/49/55 SM3C
32/43/49/55/65 SM5C
32/43/49/55/65 SM5KC
Firmware 04.74.50
Firmware 03.50.90
Firmware 05.34.33

LG WebOS Signage 2.0

43/49/55 SM3B (NOT FOR 22 SM3B)
32/43/49/55/65 SM5B
32/43/49/55/65 SM5KB
Firmware 03.90.30

LG WebOS Signage 1.2

42/47/55 LS55A
32/42/47/55/65 LS53A
Firmware 03.00.69

49/55 XS2B
49/55 XF2B
55 XS2C
49/55 XF3C
Firmware 03.60.06


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