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Released: New look for Smartsign Meeting Room Displays

To meet the demands of our users, we’re adjusting the look of the Smartsign Room displays. The Room displays will have a cleaner look, and have basic settings for the look of the display. Continue reading to see the new features of this update that we really think you’ll like!

Choose theme and fonts

This update will give you possibility to choose a theme for your devices. You can choose between a dark or a light theme, and between two different fonts. The theme setting will apply to all your devices, and it’ll be a nice feature to make it match your environment.


Larger title

The name of the meeting room will be larger, which makes it possible for the display to also function as a name sign. The title will be centered when not using a sidebar image, and left-aligned when using an image.


Customized image

The sidebar image will be optional, an it also gets a new format, which makes it even more customizable. You can set a custom image on each of your devices, and also decide whether you’d like an image or not.

Updated look for Smartsign Room, November 2021

Key features of this update:

• Basic settings for the appearance of the display
• Dark and light theme, two different fonts
• Optional sidebar image
• Larger room name for the display to function as a name sign
• Theme settings apply to all screens in the site
• New look is automatically applied to already installed Smartsign Room devices


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