Texas Longhorn Burgers & Deli

Enticing menus maximizes conversion

The Texas Longhorn concept was born in Stockholm 1994. It was first laid out as a fairly conventional restaurant but has over time evolved into a well oiled, high quality fast-food franchise layout with some 33 restaurants all across Sweden. With a high throughput of customers spanning over 12+ hours a day, menus need to look ever appealing, be highly customizable and offer easy updating at the click of a mouse.

The Texas Longhorn restaurant located in the Kista Mall, by the way sporting Sweden’s largest food court, just outside of Stockholm decided to go menus 2.0 with a smart, easy to use and adaptable system. Smartsign Display Manager powering 6 Samsung screens running SSSP. The system has proven to be a great business enabler. It looks and feels a lot more appetizing than traditional menus and has turned the previous old-fashioned manual menu handling into a distant memory.

Digital signage also suites

Internal communication

Create engagement and profitability

Schools & universities

Be where the students are


Provides an opportunity to think of other things


Facilitate and enhance the experience


Tempting, vibrant menus


Help customers to shop

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Morten Prang
International Sales Director

Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria

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Espen Gill Latham, Smartsign's Sales Manager, Norway

Espen Gill Latham

Sales Manager Norway

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Antti Ilvonen

Pre-Sales Engineer Finland and Baltic states

Adress Suomi

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