Peab gets the message through to their craftsmen – digitally and directly

“We often work with temporary work sites in our projects, and our craftsmen don’t always have the same site manager. That’s why the screens make such a difference – our information always gets through no matter what and the managers now have an additional channel to reach out through,” says Carina Nilsson, project manager for the information screens at Peab’s communications department.

Not all of Peab’s craftsmen have access to a computer at work and they seldom visit the intranet.

“It has to be easy to get your message through, that’s why we started putting up screens on our construction sites. We also have lots of screens in our offices,” says Carina Nilsson.

From print edition to live publishing

Peab had a staff magazine before they started using screens, but it was discontinued six years ago.

“Now we broadcast live – we can publish right away and the different business lines can direct the communication to their staff. It’s great to be able to direct messages to the right recipients, who are grouped differently depending on the information – sometimes based on geography and sometimes on organizational affiliation,” says Carina Nilsson.

Today, information comes both centrally from the corporate group and from local editors controlling their own screens.

“All screens have their own editor who knows the local information best. And when we ask our craftsmen, they say that local information is the most important – like time plans, upcoming deliveries to the construction site and weather forecasts that may affect what can be done tomorrow. It’s very easy to publish material and we have produced an e-learning program of our own that teaches our users to do things our way, using our templates,” says Carina Nilsson.

The screens’ important content

The screens show Peab’s press releases, reports from the four business lines, employee perks and so on. They also show news and current commercial campaigns to keep all employees aware of them.

“Another important thing for us is telling our employees how to act in the event of an accident at work – a screen makes the information easy to absorb,” concludes Carina Nilsson.

Digital signage also suites

Internal communication

Create engagement and profitability

Schools & universities

Be where the students are


Provides an opportunity to think of other things


Facilitate and enhance the experience


Tempting, vibrant menus


Help customers to shop

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