Internal communication goes employee experience

Employee experience – an exciting word that really says it all. It’s about your work experience. But also how you feel about your job when you get home. In an experience, there is a lot that cannot be measured: thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions and values.​

As an employer, you want the experience to be positive, because we all want committed people. Nevertheless, it is often far down the agenda to evaluate whether the company’s structures are really optimized to provide the conditions for a good employee experience. Because when we are creating communication, it is easy to think that the employees are recipients. But if we see all employees as part of an experience then they are contributors.

At Smartsign, we think this is a tantalizing approach that serves as a driving force in our product development. With our digital screens and Smartsign software, we want to make it easy to share goals, images, inspire each other and be in places where employees are.

It should be fun to work with our tools, therefore we focus a lot on user-friendliness when we plan for the next step. And we regularly try to share inspiration with our users so that they will get ideas for communication that they want to share with their colleagues. For us, employee experience is a driver, which makes the job far more than just delivering digital screens. We contribute to people becoming more involved at work.

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