Digital signage display with Christmas content

4 Content Ideas for Digital Signage this Christmas

We’re entering the most wonderful time of the year and so are your screens. Now is the time to make the last statements of this year and with the endless possibilities of digital signs we would like to share some of the most useful content ideas for your holiday screens.

1. Add a Holiday greeting to the existing booking

There are many ways to wish your co-workers, customers, or visitors a Happy Holiday. Use your existing workflow for digital signage content and make the greeting to fit into that. That’ll make the booking and creation more efficient. For example, if you’re using PowerPoint for you regular content, continue with that and just add your holiday message in that presentation.

Creating your own template in Smartsign Display Manager is also a good way. It requires some knowledge for creating templates but on the other hand it gives you lots of possibilities.

Remember that the greeting should stick with your brand, so don’t go too far when looking for fonts and colors to match the season. Instead, you could add some Christmas feelings to your ordinary brand, like a cute reindeer GIF or a nice background image.

Digital signage display with Christmas content

2. Inform about vacations

Many employees have time off during the holidays, which makes your communication on screens even more important. You need to inform about who’s working and who’s responsible when ordinary staff are not available. Displaying the schedule on your digital signs gives clarity and gives a calm feeling for everyone that is in the workplace.

Some ways to display a schedule are for example booking a PowerPoint, image file, PDF or via a template in Smartsign Display Manager.

3. Display Christmas campaigns and offers

One of the biggest benefits of using digital signs are the capability to easy change and schedule content whenever you’d like. This fits perfectly for restaurants what have special menus during the Holidays, and for retail stores that needs to promote a Holiday campaign. The screens allow you to act quickly and schedule content to be shown in the right time and place.

4. Get in the mood with a digital fireplace

The coziest holiday of the year is Christmas, and when is a better time than now to light a digital fireplace on your screens? The first digital fireplace started as early as 1966 in New York, when the television program The Yule Log broadcasted a four-hour long fireplace the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to give apartments without fireplaces a possibility to have Santa Claus visiting their home.

You can easily upload a fireplace video yourself in your media library in Smartsign Display Manager and then book it out on the screens, or you can book a link via, for example, YouTube.

Digital fireplace on digital signage

Bonus: Use the benefit of the schedule

Holiday greetings gets out of day quickly, and to not be standing 1 minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve updating your screens, we’d like to give you a handy tip: prepare your content and schedule it before you go on holiday. It will give you a feeling of ease knowing that your colleagues that’s working is getting the right message on the screens. And maybe even a small New Year’s greeting?

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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