Windows, a PC and Smartsign

Smartsign Display Manager has always been developed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows and a PC machine of any brand. You can simply run any screen and screensize via a PC machine. It all depends of the hardwares capacity*. Furthermore the simplest solution to show information on a video wall consisting of two or more screens is by using Smartsign and a Windows PC.

Simple and worry-free

Take a suitable PC* with Windows 10 OS. Plug in a screen, install Smartsign Player and connect to Smartsign. Cloudservice or local installation is up to you. It can’t be easier than that.

Any screen connected to a PC with Windows 10 is recommended for Smartsign Display Manager 10.

* Check the technical specifications for hardware requirements and restrictions.

Smartsign Display Manager

User-friendly software for digital signage

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to publish anything from moving graphics and videos to texts and images. You can work in the programs you’re familiar with, such as PowerPoint, or use predefined templates. We will aid you with tips, advice and training in how to optimise the use of your screens.

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We’ll take you step by step through how you can use our smart solutions for your specific needs. When you book a demo, we’ll contact you, determine your needs and schedule an online demo, often on the very same day.

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