Samsung and Smartsign

Samsung Electronics is the flagship of the Samsung Group and is also the second biggest technology company in the world in terms of turnover. Smartsign has been a “Samsung Platinum Partner” since 2015, and the two companies work in close collaboration in order to constantly create and develop the very best digital signage solutions in the industry. Smartsign supports all Samsung products, including the new Tizen-based screens.

The whole package

Combine some of the best screens in the world with the world’s best software for digital signage… and shake vigorously! The result is an extremely flexible solution that sets a new standard when it comes to what an out-of-the-box digital signage solution can achieve.


Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is a one-stop solution that combines the very latest screen technology with a simplified yet extremely potent media player. The SSSP system uses the screen’s inbuilt CPU and graphics processor, which eliminates the need for external hardware or computers. SSSP also supports video walls, in which multiple screens are mounted in clusters.

Variation is important

Content is King, and this system lets you use all possible variants and file types. Images, videos, websites and live content can be combined however you wish, in landscape or portrait format. Convinced yet? Put briefly: integrate any file format you wish into your content – even Excel and PowerPoint.

Plug in and play, literally.

There’s nothing that gets in the way of the creative process as much as technical issues and setup problems. The Samsung/Smartsign solution eliminates most of this. It’s actually ridiculously simple: Connect to the network. Enter the correct URL and set the clock. Enable Smartsign Cloud Service. Done! Time to start creating brilliant content – your new system will deliver it around the clock, crystal clear and problem-free.

  • DB10D
  • DB10E-POE
  • DB22D-P
  • DB32D
  • DB40D
  • DB48D
  • DB55D
  • DB32E
  • DB40E
  • DB48E
  • DB55E
  • DB43J *
  • DB49J *
  • DM32E
  • DM40E
  • DM48E
  • DM55E
  • DM65E
  • DM75E
  • DM82D
  • PM32F *
  • PM43F *
  • PM49F *
  • PM55F *
  • PH43F *
  • PH49F *
  • PH55F *
  • PM43H *
  • PM49H *
  • PM55H *
  • OH46F *
  • OH55F *
  • OH65F *
  • OH75F *
  • OM24E
  • OM46D-W
  • OM55D-W
  • OM75D-W
  • OM46F-W
  • OM55F-W
  • OM46D-K
  • OM55D-K
  • OM75D-K
  • OH24E
  • OH46D
  • OH55D
  • UE46D
  • UE55D
  • DB10E-T
  • DB10E-TPOE
  • DB22D-T
  • DM65E-BC
  • DM65E-BR
  • DM75E-BR
  • DM82E-BR
  • DM82E-BM
  • QM49H *
  • QM55H *
  • QM65H *
  • QH55H *
  • QH65H *
  • QB65H *
  • QB75H *
  • QM43N**
  • QM49N**
  • QM55N**
  • QM65N**
  • QM75N**
  • QB43N**
  • QB49N**
  • QB55N**
  • QB65N**
  • QB75N**

* SSSP4/SSSP5 screens are only compatible with Smartsign Display Manager version 10. 4k screens are only displaying films in 4k resolution.

** Requires Smartsign Display Manager version 10.5 or later.

Smartsign Display Manager

User-friendly software for digital signage

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to publish anything from moving graphics and videos to texts and images. You can work in the programs you’re familiar with, such as PowerPoint, or use predefined templates. We will aid you with tips, advice and training in how to optimise the use of your screens.

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