Powerful Android-players in compact format from Qbic

Qbic Tecnhology’s players is the lates addition to series of Smartsign’s compatible hardware products. The players from Qbic Technology comes pre-configured with Smartsign, which means that you can get started automatically without any hassle.

The Qbic player with its built-in Android system together with Smartsign makes a big difference.

Save time and avoid trouble

The Qbic player always comes pre-installed with the latest version of Smartsign. The only thing you need to choose is if you want a local installation or use our cloud service. This means you can spend less time on installation and more on the important thing – your content on the screens!

All screens, new and old

Older screens who lack compatibility with the current signage solutions on the market can now easily be revived with a Qbic player. A good thing for both the environment and your wallet.

A box with that little extra

Every Qbic player have a pre-installed software for remote support, as well as a built-in option for remote administration, in addition there is a built-in memory protection in case something goes wrong. The players support touch screens and come in a robust shell that can handle tough environments.

Our players from Qbic

Qbic BXP-100

Qbic BXP-100

Qbic BXP-300

Qbic BXP-300

Qbic BXP-301

Qbic BXP-301

Qbic TD-1060 Slim

Qbic TD-1060 Slim

Any screen with HDMI input.


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