Philips and Smartsign


Assume responsibility for your company and your customers. Philips focuses on success and satisfaction for you and your customers, which is achieved through long-term partnerships based on trust and reliability.


Innovative solutions guarantee the right message at the right time. Philips provides inbuilt capacity for adapted applications and services through a wide selection of system integrations and external services.


Get the most out of your message! Philips realises that you and your target group expect an impressive experience, greater opportunities for adaptation and flexibility, and it is on this basis that Philips and Smartsign help you to create strong digital signage solutions.

  • 10BDL3051T
  • 10BDL4151T
  • 10BDL4551T
  • xxBDL4050D
  • xxBDL4051D
  • xxBDL4150D
  • xxBDL4550D
  • xxBDL5055P
  • xxBDL5057P
  • xxBDL3050Q
  • xxBDL3550Q

Smartsign Display Manager

User-friendly software for digital signage

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to publish anything from moving graphics and videos to texts and images. You can work in the programs you’re familiar with, such as PowerPoint, or use predefined templates. We will aid you with tips, advice and training in how to optimise the use of your screens.

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