Panasonic and Smartsign

Panasonic is one of the world’s biggest product manufacturers and consists of 473 companies. More than 260,000 people work in these companies, and the Group currently has one of the biggest product portfolios in the world. Working together, Panasonic and Smartsign offer digital signage for virtually all situations and environments.

Standalone superstar

Once more, Panasonic shows that they are one of the world’s best, proudest high-tech brands: the new AF1 series is an extremely bright, stand-alone SoC solution containing the latest Android and HTML5-based OpenPort platform. A unique heavyweight, ready to take on any digital signage assignment.

Just add Smartsign

Panasonic’s AF1 system includes everything you need to set up your digital signage application: a superb LED screen, SoC, media player, Wi-Fi… the works! World-class hardware and user-friendliness in one single package. Just add Smartsign Display Manager and you’re ready for digital signage of the very highest quality.

OpenPort Platform™

The AF1 series is Google-certified and gives its users the opportunity to simply adapt and update content, and the system can also be adapted for future needs. This, combined with Panasonic’s bright, ultra-sharp screens, delivers a cost-efficient, stand-alone solution for effective digital signage.

Top quality

We hardly need to question Panasonic as a brand: we’re talking about a market-leading company that has been delivering superior screens for decades. The AF1 series upholds both reputation and tradition with 42”, 49” and 55” screens with an extremely thin (6.3 mm) outer edge. The impressive 500 cd/m2 IPS screens guarantee the best possible visibility even from difficult angles, and installation with a tilt of up to 45 degrees, both up and down.

  • TH-55AF1
  • TH-49AF1
  • TH-42AF1

Smartsign Display Manager

User-friendly software for digital signage

With Smartsign Display Manager, it’s easy to publish anything from moving graphics and videos to texts and images. You can work in the programs you’re familiar with, such as PowerPoint, or use predefined templates. We will aid you with tips, advice and training in how to optimise the use of your screens.

Book a personal demo of Smartsign Display Manager

We’ll take you step by step through how you can use our smart solutions for your specific needs.

When you book a demo, we’ll contact you, determine your needs and schedule an online demo, often on the very same day.

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