Contact persons

Contact persons


Robert Linnholt


Morgan Lenne på Smartsign

Morgan Lenne

Global Presales Manager

Daniel Pettersson, säljchef på Smartsign

Daniel Pettersson

Sales Director Nordic

Helena Lundh, säljare på Smartsign

Helena Lundh

Key Account Manager Sweden

Annica Gustafsson

Inside Sales

Frida Åkeson

Customer Success (out of office)

Johnny Hallberg

Sales Director Large Accounts, Retail & Hospitality

Patrik Håkansson

Key Account Manager Southern Sweden

Smartsign global

Morten Prang

International Sales Director

Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Franke, Netherlands, Austria.


Risto Pärssinen

CEO, Smartsign OY (Finland)

Antti Ilvonen

Sales Manager, Smartsign OY (Finland)

Espen Gill Latham, Smartsign's Sales Manager, Norway

Espen Gill Latham

Sales Manager Norway

Magnus Eriksson

Australia and New Zeeland

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