November 25, 2020

November 2020 update of Smartsign Cloud Service – Improving the performance of social media, and more

The November 2020 release of Smartsign Cloud Service is focusing on performance and stability for our social media templates, something we know is important for many of our users. Both the LinkedIn and instagram services has seen performance improvements.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the LinkedIn template in the media library released earlier this fall. The snapshot service for publishing webpages, for example PowerBI links, has also seen improvements in performance and stability.

Check out the training videos if you want to use the social media templates or publish a web page:

Using the Instagram Template

Publishing web pages (including PowerBI)

For the developers and advanced users out there it’s also worth noting that the json datasource in template creator has also seen improvements, with visual help to make databindings and the possibility to iterate json data.

Sign in to Smartsign with your Microsoft Account

Smartsign has earlier offered the possibility to sign in with Microsoft accounts using a Active Directory server connected to the Smartsign site. A lot of our users has requested the possibility to use online Microsoft accounts to log in to Smartsign, so now we are expanding this feature to include online Microsoft accounts, including Office 356.

Check out our instructional videos to get started right away, or read the documentation here.

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