März 1, 2019

Four things to know about internal communication

We all know that when we feel truly committed to something, we do a better job. It also makes us better coworkers and more loyal as employees. And to be committed, you need to feel that your work is meaningful and stimulating.

All this can be true during a normal day and hopefully every day of the week. It’s every employer’s dream, since committed employees strongly contribute to a company’s growth and profitability. So, how can Smartsign improve your internal communication?

1. A living company culture

Make sure that all the nice words and basic values that you have agreed on are truly present in the organization. Digital signage can help you convey company values by showing atmospheric slideshows and videos in between other important news on your screens. Make sure that words and messages are communicated using the tonality you have agreed upon. Regard the screen as part of the team, fully capable of sharing important news.

2. What’s going on?

You can rely on people being curious about what is being said behind closed doors. Often, people who have nothing to say keep quiet. But that silence can be a source of speculation and gossip, even concern. Make it a habit in every meeting to decide what should be communicated outside the room, even if the message is that there is no news. Don’t let too much time pass between meeting and communication. The quicker you communicate, the more confidence people will feel towards you. Present your message in real time or using time-control, in relevant places. Give a simplified account of what’s going on, here and now.

3. Tell it with graphics

Always assume that people are on the move and will pass by your message. Just like when you’re driving a car, you need to be able to absorb the message quickly. In some cases, a headline will make people stop and read, while in other cases you have a few seconds to get through. Since people in general are visual beings, it’s best to use simple graphics and work with contrasts as well as minimize the number of elements in the picture.

4. Ask for opinions and share insights

Show that you care by asking for people’s opinions on a certain topic. Let them answer a question by using audience response systems or apps. And remember to present the results, what they mean and where they lead. Sharing insights makes people feel involved and can lead to brand new initiatives in the company.

Would you like to learn more about internal communication?

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