Award-winning digital signage solution at Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson is a large, reputable Swedish retail store, founded in 1918 with 200+ stores in 5 countries. Progressive despite its age, Clas Ohlson is always on the lookout for smart, dynamic solutions to enhance customer experiences. Smartsign was the perfect fit and has now around 400+ screens running Smartsign Display Manager in Europe.

The challenge

The challenge lied within engaging in-store customers in trying out a new Kärcher window cleaning device. Project participants believed that once a prospective buyer actually tested the product, a much better understanding of its qualities and capacity would be achieved. Using the Smartsign Display Manager software, various sensors and a custom display rack that doesn’t inflict on precious store real estate, a new high in customer experience has been reached.

The project earned the “Best High Street / Mall / Supermarket / Convenience Store or Forecourt Deployment” award at The DailyDOOH Gala Awards in London 2016.

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