Online training

Dear customers. Today Tuesday 19 June Smartsign Support via telephone will be unavailable due to internal training. However your questions will be answered as usual through our mail support system. Sincerely the Smartsign Support Team.

Dear customers. We will have extra support for our retail customers concerning emergency problems between 22 – 26 December 2018. Also online training will be cancelled the last two weeks of December 2018, week 51 and 52. Welcome back in January 2019. Sincerely the Smartsign Support Team.

Online training sessions for our international customers, partners, resellers and distributors are held weekly, by appointment only.

Online training schedule as follows:


Version 10 training sessions in English:

  • Publisher: 08.30 – 09.10 CET
  • Admin: 09.30 – 10.30 CET


Version 10 training sessions in Swedish:

  • Publisher: 08.30 – 09.10 CET
  • Admin: 09.30 – 10.30 CET

Only upon request on Wednesdays

Version 9 training sessions in English:

  • Publisher and Admin: 09.30 – 10.30 CET

What’s included in the “Publisher” training sessions?

  • Scheduling: Review of the booking procedures: Selecting screens, booking areas, content, sorting etc.
  • Media Library: The shareable content storage and how to use it.
  • Priority booking: Using priorities to reach different audiences at different time slots.
  • Drag and Drop: Since Smartsign Display Manager v.10, files can be dragged directly from any folder and dropped into the calendar.


What’s included in the “Admin” training sessions?

  • General walkthrough: General system overview and terminology.
  • Screen layouts and Layers: How to create screen layouts and how to use layers to divide the screen into different content areas.
  • User levels and Security: Tailoring access to different screens based on different user groups.
  • Triggers: Triggers are used to switch content by activating hidden, pre-booked material. 5 different trigger modes are supported: touch screen, keyboard, mouse, remote control (by mobile app.) and by input from external hard- and software based systems.
  • Synchronizing filer and folders: How to link single files or entire folders to the Smartsign Display Manager. When a change occurs in a file or folder, screen content is automatically updated.

Request a training session through our technical support and state which session(s) you would like to attend. You will receive confirmation with instructions how to join via email. Please register minimum 48 hours prior to session start. We use TeamViewer to conduct the training: Smartsign Education (meeting code is provided in conference call). Please verify that you’ve successfully installed the program and have it running on your computer before the session begins.

Free training is provided at these times only, other time slots can only be accommodated in special cases.

Wondering what TeamViewer is? Here you can read more about TeamViewer and how it works.