Qbic and Smartsign

Qbic Technologys player is the latest addition to the series of Smartsign compatible hardware products. You can connect any screen through this external player from Qbic Technology. The Smartsign software will automatically work without any hassle through the players built-in Android system. With a Qbic player and Smartsign you get a big difference in a small box.

All screens with an HDMI contact.

Save time and avoid trouble.

Focus more on your content and less on installation and technical hassle. The Qbic player always comes with the latest version of Smartsign preinstalled.
All you need to do is choose if you want a local installation or use our cloud service.

All screens, new and old.

Older screens who lack compatibility with the current signage solutions on the market can now easily be revived with a Qbic player.

A box with the little extra.

The Qbic player also supports remote access support through Teamviewer and also for maintenance purposes for IT departments. The player also supports touch screens and has built-in memory protection if something goes wrong. All in a rugged shell that can handle tough environments.

Here is the full technical specification in PDF-format >>