Smartsign Mobile Play

Reach further – push any message fast and accurately to your co-workers smartphones.

No matter where your employees and co-workers may roam, keeping them up to speed has never been easier. The new Smartsign Mobile Play is the perfect delivery system for making information available to individuals on the go and a perfect solution for quick and flexible internal communication. Enlightened staff in its most efficient form!

Mobile freedom

From the smart and powerful Smartsign Display Manager. Send simple or complex messages including text, images, movies etc. directly to any smartphone. Your content will reach all of your employees/co-workers in real time through the app.

Tailored messages

Target tailored content/messages to different recipient groups to ensure each individual or division receives the right message. Control the information flow through the click of a button.


Smartsign Mobile Play is the mobile component that extends your communication beyond stationary screens ensuring your information reaches the right individuals and that your co-workers indeed benefit from your message.

How it works…