Partner Program

Dear Associate! You’ve already joined forces with one of the most progressive Digital Signage outfits on the planet. You’ve seen what the Smartsign software is capable of and most likely also experienced it alongside one or more of our titan hardware allies NEC, Samsung and LG. The Smartsign solution is a solid, scalable and future proof result of many years of research, development and most importantly – continuous fine tuning.

Want a free upgrade?

We’re taking this opportunity to offer you a boost. A Smartsign Partner Program enrollment is a logical step that enables you to get way more out of your sales efforts as well as cranking up your business potential quite a few notches. The program provides you with stellar product and sales support, a dedicated Smartsign sales contact, web based marketing and sales applications and much more. Please take a moment to review the brief description of the partner program benefits!

Welcome to the Smartsign Partner Program. We’ve got your back.

Partner program benefits – What’s in it for you?

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to a full-blown partner membership. We’re constantly on the lookout for new additions to make the program even more beneficial to our loyal program members, but here’s a quick resumé of what you’ll enjoy:

Sales support

Exhaustive online product demonstrations, pre-sales support and technical training. Additional tools available include participation in Smartsign’s marketing activities, using co-branded material and templates, as well as demo content. Additionally, qualified partners also enjoy a dedicated Smartsign sales contact.


Access to the Smartsign Reseller Partner Portal – a web-based application that allows Partners to obtain direct access to various information resources such as documentation, product information, whitepapers, catalogues and much more.

Supreme technical support

Support hotline for Partners to quickly receive answers to their questions, as well as other resources to help our Partners score. Through the Smartsign portal you’ll also get access to technical training documents and webinars. But hey – there’s more. Above summary is just the tip of the infamous iceberg. Once you’re in the program you’ll quickly realize its potential and how it can help you with your sales and continuous customer cultivation. Contact us today for further enrollment details.

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