Samsung and Smartsign

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon. It is the flagship division of the Samsung Group and the world’s second largest information technology company by revenue. With Smartsign being a Samsung Platinum Partner as of 2015, the two companies work in close collaboration supplying some of the best Digital Signage solutions the industry has to offer. Smartsign also now supports all Samsung products with the Tizen operating system.

  • DB10D
  • DB10E-POE
  • DB22D-P
  • DB32E
  • DB40E
  • DB48E
  • DB55E
  • DB43J *
  • DB49J *
  • DM32E
  • DM40E
  • DM48E
  • DM55E
  • DM65E
  • DM75E
  • DM82D
  • PM32F *
  • PM43F *
  • PM49F *
  • PM55F *
  • PH43F *
  • PH49F *
  • PH55F *
  • PM43H *
  • PM49H *
  • PM55H *
  • OH46F *
  • OH55F *
  • OH65F *
  • OH75F *

  • OM24E
  • OM46D-W
  • OM55D-W
  • OM75D-W
  • OM46F-W
  • OM55F-W
  • OM46D-K
  • OM55D-K
  • OM75D-K
  • OH24E
  • OH46D
  • OH55D
  • UE46D
  • UE55D
  • DB10E-T
  • DB10E-TPOE
  • DB22D-T
  • DM65E-BC
  • DM65E-BR
  • DM75E-BR
  • DM82E-BR
  • DM82E-BM
  • QM49H *
  • QM55H *
  • QM65H *
  • QH55H *
  • QH65H *
  • QB65H *
  • QB75H *


* SSSP4/SSSP5 screens can only run Smartsign Display Manager version 10

Quite a package

Take one part world class maker of digital screens, mix with one part simple, slick and intuitive digital signage software. Shake well. The result? An ultra-flexible solution that redefines what can be accomplished with an out-of-the-box signage system.


The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an all-in-one solution that marries cutting-edge display hardware with a simplified, integrated media player. SSSP uses the display’s internal CPU and high-performance video processor, eliminating the need for an external set-back box or PC. The SSSP system can also be extended to support high impact, synchronized video walls.

Versatility matters

Content is king, and this setup lets you use all forms of it: Images, videos… even websites and live content can be pushed into the mix, landscape and portrait style. Still not convinced? In a nutshell: Enjoy using virtually any file format in your feed, even MS Excel and PowerPoint.

Plug and play. Really.

Nothing kills the creative process like technical hassle and setup issues. The Samsung/Smartsign brotherhood reduces these factors to a minimum. It’s dead easy. Connect to network. Enter URL and set clock. Activate Smartsign Cloud Service. Done. Now go focus on your mind blowing, sales chart busting content. This setup will deliver it 24/7, crystal clear, glitch free.