NEC and Smartsign

Under the brand statement, “Orchestrating a brighter world,” NEC Group is focusing on Solutions for Society businesses that utilize the strengths of ICT to create the social value of safety, security, efficiency and equality that is necessary for people to live more prosperous lives. NEC and Smartsign continuously work together, offering clever and powerful Digital Signage solutions.

  • OPS Digital Signage Player

Digital signage with the right power.

What if there was a fully flexible screen that could switch technical platforms depending on your current needs? NEC’s OPS Digital Signage Player can do just that – an advanced option slot player that turns a series of screens into true chameleons.

Designed for long term operation, NEC displays and projectors incorporate innovative designs, high quality panels and components and go through demanding quality assurance levels; displays ready for the most demanding mission critical applications, out of the box.

Today, NEC boasts a comprehensive range of Desktop Displays, Large Format Displays and Projectors, with a model for almost any application from the largest venues or public places to offices and smaller classrooms.