How to get through to travelers with important traffic information using digital signage

Is there anything more annoying than waiting for a bus that doesn’t show up? Well, probably the anguish of not knowing why that bus isn’t coming. Using digital signage and Smartsign traffic information and timetable updates can be quickly pushed through to eagerly waiting travelers. Smartsign won’t make the bus arrive on time but it can make sure travelers are adequately informed of the traffic situation. Which most certainly means happier customers.

Inform your customers

  • Timetables
  • Advertising
  • Navigation
  • Live communication

This is what you get

  • Up to date travellers
  • Time saving
  • Accurracy

Products and add-ons

  • Display Manager Pro
  • Smartsign Mobile Play
  • Web Player

Public Transportation outfit gaining optimal employer reach with Smartsign

24/7 information flow, locally and remote

Västerås Lokaltrafik is a large, Swedish operator within the public transportation realm. It sought to update its somewhat outdated internal communication platform with a new, improved system allowing instant – and constant – information flow to all its divisions.

A public transportation outfit features many different modules – traffic control, front desk, maintenance… the list goes on. The challenge lied within creating a custom system, making it possible for all divisions to instantly partake in all types of information going out. Additionally, simplicity and ease of use were of utmost importance, as all employees regardless of technical maturity must be able to utilize the system. Using the Smartsign Display Manager, the Smartsign Mobile Play add-on, screens at traffic control as well as in the maintenance halls and workshops, the system offers 24/7 reach to all employees regardless of division or position.

The result: A state-of-the-art installation that ensures information to go out to exactly the right place at the right time, ensuring maximum uptime and the ability for anybody within the entity to publish, change or update information should the need arise.